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72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games, Vol. 10 – Available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook editions

The Writer’s Games is an annual writing competition with a global reach. With six surprise challenges over consecutive weeks, registered participants create amazing new worlds in just 72 hours. The top five winning entries in each challenge appear in this anthology, the tenth compilation of pieces from this competition. The 27 stories featured here show a range of genres from new and experienced writers around the world.

Sirens Benefit Anthology – Rebels & Revenants – Available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook editions

Rebels & Revenants features the dead and the undead, ghosts both figurative and literal, Elder Gods and Egyptian queens, and, funny enough, more than a little rebellion. Most of all, these eleven stories have heart, with a strong sense of family threading through them, either the one you’re born to or the one you make.

Rebels & Revenants will teach you that when you find your place, you better stake a claim and stand by it.

Fiction War Magazine: Issue 3 – Available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook editions

This edition includes fifteen original short fiction works and is a must-read for any serious devourer of literary fiction. This exceptional publication is a pleasure to hold and appreciate. In this issue, my story entitled Soar is featured as a finalist from the Spring 2017 competition. 

About Fiction War: Fiction War Magazine is an independent literary journal curating and showcasing original short flash fiction by established and emerging authors from around the world.

The Seven Sceptres – Available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook editions

Accura, the goddess of chaos, has begun to unleash her newest plot to send Cetros spiraling into turmoil. Once her brother and sister gods and goddesses learn of her scheme, most bring forth their champions to try and restore order while the others attempt to take advantage of the situation for their own purposes. Will their lack of a cohesive plan only serve to further Accura’s cause and doom Cetros to be forever ruled by chaos? Or will the champions succeed in their quests and allow their world to regain some semblance of normalcy?

This anthology includes seven stories, one for each of the gods and goddesses of Cetros: Chaos, Magic, Death, Plants and Earth, Animals, the Seas, and Weather.