A New World

Finally, here is my final story I submitted to the NYC Midnight 2015 Flash Fiction Challenge. This was for Round #2 where the semi-finalists were re-sorted into new groups. There would only be one challenge for this round. For my group, the story had to be science fiction, take place predominately in a convention center, and include aContinue reading “A New World”

Kill or be Killed

The NYC Midnight 2015 Flash Fiction Challenge story share continues! This was my submission to Challenge #2 of Round #1. It had to be action/adventure, take place predominately in a maximum security prison, and include an ice machine. After placing 7th in Challenge #1, I knew I had to make up some ground if IContinue reading “Kill or be Killed”

The Greatest Show on Earth

For over a century, we ruled the traveling circuit. But now, we barely survive. Children’s squeals of delight blend with the murderous rage boiling over outside the tent. They’ve taken everything. Our cages stand empty. But the show must go on. Always. —————————————- I wrote two gargleblasters this week for yeah write #184 and thisContinue reading “The Greatest Show on Earth”