Her Dance

Each autumn, we commune and embrace her new dance;
under a Scorpio moon, our bodies spin amongst the fallen leaves,
the watcher of the night guiding us within its ghostly beam.

Come winter, the cold settles in our bones, but her smile, a beam
of warmth through the dreary gray, moves our feet into a furious dance,
our haggard breaths mingling with the crunch of frozen leaves.

Spring welcomes our bare feet as the trees above sprout new leaves;
we tread carefully amongst the blossoming begonias, the earth a balance beam
beneath our toes, relishing her warmth, ignoring the inevitable end to her dance.

Summer, a haunted dance as she leaves us, devoured by her star’s blinding beam.

**Her Dance was written for YeahWrite‘s January 29 Spontaneous Writing Challenge. The prompt: Write a tritina using the words dance / leaves / beam. Learn more about tritinas here, and join us on Discord for more writing challenges like this!


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