Their hold on me had long since loosened. A whisper within now the only vestige of their sway.

They are, no, we are…

I’d believed myself free of them. I let my savior believe the same. But a whisper soon turns into a scream.

For they, no, we are many.

9 thoughts on “Legion

  1. I really like the way this walks the line between horror and deeply sad. It’s such a creepily wonderful interpretation of the call coming from within the house.

  2. I missed the reference () but even without knowing, this gave me shivers. The creepiness grows slowly, which is the scariest kind of horror, IMO, and a neat trick to pull in a micro!

  3. Well. Thanks. Now I’m not going to sleep tonight. I avoid horror so it appears that some of the nuance was lost on me but it was delightfully scary. I’m not sure how you did so much with so few words.

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