Before, it bound me, a small loop of entrapment, endlessly holding me still. All these years, an invisible string connected us, never allowing me to stray too far.

Today, my thumb rubs where the ring used to be, and for the first time in forever, I smile.

19 thoughts on “Severance

  1. I love this piece – there’s so much said in so few words. I loved the tactile image of the thumb rubbing where the ring used to be – it’s one I’m familiar with and so too, the sense of freedom!

  2. This makes me wonder what she did with that ring. Toilet, river, in his face, pawn shop, recycle bin? Inquiring minds want to know. Loved that finger rubbing last line, I could almost see the pale skin of where it was.

  3. I love how well you depict the feeling of being untethered here, as though the symbolic weight of the ring was so much greater than the physical weight. And rather than being set adrift, the narrator has found her freedom. Beautiful.


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