Miles Between

In spring, we bloom; uncertain futures fly.
My dreams alive, we ache to touch, be free,
To crash together; bodies burn on high.
But fire is only ash, so soon you flee.

We run to summer, race against the clock.
With smiles so fake and wide, you’d think us stone.
I dance, you skirt, my every move you block.
This war cannot be won with love alone.

With fall, the whispers come, too soft to hear,
We brace ourselves against the coming cold.
I dream our flesh as one, to have you near,
But you remain on guard, our path foretold.

As winter’s tide arrives, love is unseen,
We drift along our sea with miles between.

19 Comments on “Miles Between”

  1. Lovely sonnet, darling — personal but artistic, well crafted with perfect rhythm. Don’t think I’ve read poetry from you before (and mea culpa indeed) but is this a relatively new thing?

  2. I liked the structure of the seasons, too, though so sad to end with winter…
    Loved the whispering fall, and I could just see that winter sea.

  3. “With smiles so fake and wide, you’d think us stone.” —Yeah! Probably my own experience showing through, but I read this as the ending of a long distance love affair.


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