I trace the things on your desk with my finger.
Each word we speak is ice.

“I won’t marry you. I must marry another.”

You speak your piece and fall silent.
I cower in my mind’s dark recesses, praying for escape.
I thought I was a treasure you’d do anything to hold on to.

Because what have I ever done besides follow orders?

I breathe it in, as much as I can hold.
I want to run away, fly away.

It seems I have always been alone.

It’s a yeah write January poetry slam! Some of our editors and friends are working on centos this month. Want to give one a try? Check out the guidelines in the yeah write coffeehouse. In the meantime, check out the other centos this week!

14 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Oh my god, Arden, this is fabulous!! It really *does* flow perfectly, so much so that, as Cyn said, if I didn’t know it was a cento I never would have guessed!

  2. It really is the smoothest cento, I think. I thought it would be too hard to piece together lines that end with periods and have it flow. But you’ve proven me wrong. And that last line is perfectly placed!


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