The Island

In just one day, they take over, ravaging the planet. As the world takes a turn
for the worse, everyone finds ways to hide when the earth goes dark.
We have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide but the shadows. When the snow

begins to fall, I know there is no hope. It comes down in sheets, the snow
covering every inch of our mangled home. We leave the city, with no plan to turn
back, no matter what happens. It’s already gone, destroyed by them. The dark

woods we retreat into do nothing to stanch the fear. I cower in my mind’s dark
recesses, praying for escape. When we reach the water’s edge, the snow
tapers off and tears sting my eyes. We have nothing. I almost wish to turn.

But as I turn to our new, dark world and gaze through the final flakes of snow, I behold our last chance for survival and know we can fight back.

a peek into the origin of Hybrid, my current WIP

20 thoughts on “The Island

  1. I love this! It’s like a teaser for your novel. There’s an intensity here that made me want to read the whole thing in one breath. Fantastic!

  2. Powerful, Arden! What a cool way to introduce your WIP (I see above that you worked on it during NaNo, but didn’t you also do some short pieces for the Speakeasy? I miss those.). It would be great if each chapter opened with a tritina.

    1. Thank you Meg! I did write some for the speakeasy, before I actually started writing it. 🙂 And the tritina thing is an awesome concept. Maybe I can split it up into parts and have each part be a tritina? ooooohhhhhh

  3. Something about the repetition of a tritina and the words you were given sets a diabolical tone all the way through your poem. And I love how we’re given the conflict right away in the first sentence, and a call to arms is declared in the last.


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