There once was a time when all I wanted was for you to be mine.
The early days were simple and carefree. I thought I was a treasure
you’d do anything to hold on to, a rare gem to hide away in your keep.

As the years went by, relations turned cold. Each day, I tried to keep
you happy through obedience, attempting to avoid each land mine
you tossed in my path. I was no longer someone for you to treasure.

Today, I am your property, your plaything. My fear and pain your treasure,
I am nothing but a shell of who I used to be. Like old fruit, I don’t keep,
as you break my spirit more each day. I may be yours but you are not mine.

My soul you mine daily for treasure to earn my keep, but all you’ll find now is dirt.


It’s a yeah write poetry slam! Some of our editors and friends are on a tritina kick lately. Want to give one a try? Give us a shout at the coffeehouse and we’ll give you three words. In the meantime, check out the other tritinas this week!

25 Comments on “Excavation

  1. Have you lived this? It is horrible and disheartening and if you can escape, makes you run at the next innocent smile or “how are you today?”.

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  8. Gorgeous! “Like old fruit, I don’t keep.” Ouch, that just felt so bitter. Really nicely done, Arden.

  9. Amazing! Glad that you wrote one, too, and I know what you mean – they’re fun because they’re so outside the usual writing experience. I especially like the way you change the meaning of the word in the line “Like old fruit, I don’t keep.” Also, the last line. Wow!

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