A Small Favor

They called it the Black Hole. It looked like nothing at all; just a large black circle painted upon a bare wall. Casey knew better though. She knew what it could do.

She reached down and grabbed Eric’s hand. He looked up at her with nervous eyes. He trusted her when she said it was safe but she could tell he was scared. Hell, who wouldn’t be? They were going to a new world. A better world. But they had to step through that to get there.

They were in the back of the line; everyone there looking for a new future. Since their parents had passed, she and Eric had lived on the streets. They were barely surviving when the opportunity had presented itself. It was a new government program targeted at getting kids off the streets and into a better place. Casey had figured it would be a halfway house. She hadn’t been able to contain her excitement when they had told her she would be going through the Black Hole.  It was usually only reserved for the richest of the rich. She couldn’t believe how lucky they were.

A thin red ring around the Black Hole suddenly brightened with light and Eric squeezed her hand.  Casey bent down slowly and wrapped him in her arms.

“I know it’s a little scary, Eric, but you know what lies on the other side?”

Eric’s eyes were brimming with tears but he shook his head and tried to smile.

“Our new home,” he said quietly, his voice cracking over the words.

Casey ran her fingers through his hair and stood. There were men in military uniforms walking from the start of the line to the back. Casey had been told it was just a precaution in case someone freaked out at the last second. Casey prayed Eric wouldn’t be that person.

“One minute to launch,” a voice suddenly boomed from the corner. “Please prepare for entry. Move slowly. Once the person ahead of you has stepped through, wait ten seconds, and then proceed.”

Eric was clinging to her legs, his body visibly shaking with fear. The ring around the portal suddenly turned green and Casey knew it was time. She stooped down again and turned Eric toward her.

“Eric, I need for you to go first. Can you do that?” she asked. Casey couldn’t risk Eric panicking at the last second and not making it through. The group ahead of her shuffled forward slowly and she stood to gaze at the thinning crowd.

There were only ten people left to go. It went by in a flash and soon Casey and Eric were the only two left in line. Casey gave his shoulder a squeeze and he stepped forward slowly. He gave her a small wave and walked through the Black Hole. It swallowed him up in an instant and Casey felt a small twinge of fear after he was gone.

She closed her eyes and counted to ten before walking forward. She waited for the pull of the portal to take her away but instead felt only pain. She grabbed her nose and stared at the wall before her.

“No. What the hell is happening?  Eric! ERIC!” she screamed, banging her fists on the useless concrete.

Panic set in and she turned on one of the guards. His gun was pointed at her and she threw her hands up.

“Please tell me what’s happening,” Casey cried. “He’s going to be so scared.”

Someone behind her grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. She whipped around to find a large, brutal looking man before her. Casey pulled against her captor but he was too strong.

“Let go of me!” she screamed, her worry giving way to anger. “I have to get to Eric. He needs me!”

“Shut up!” the man screamed at her. “He is safe and you will see him soon enough. First, I need something from you. A small favor. Keep your mouth shut long enough and you’ll be hugging your little brother by day’s end.”

Casey stared around the room as other men began to appear from out of nowhere. What the hell was this? Her instinct was to fight but her brain told her to shut up. For Eric.

“Tell me,” she said, the defeat clear in her voice.

She waited for someone to tell her what to do next.

What was that show where they went through a portal back to dinosaur time to live since our world was dying?
It was cancelled after the first season. Definitely thinking of that when I wrote this … Loved that show
Anywho, Come get Sloshed at the Speakeasy!

59 thoughts on “A Small Favor

      1. Haha. You must’ve thought ‘what the hell is Smithson talking about…’ Also I know you already write for other sites but there’s a small story writing site here called Readwave.com if you’re interested?

      2. Haha – That’s exactly what I thought 🙂 My brain is mush this week.

        Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out!

    1. Haha – Hopefully! I always do this to y’all. So sorry. It’s hard for me to finish a story in less than 750 words 🙂

  1. I’m glad Amy got it, the only one I could think of was Land of the Lost. Even though I think they tried to remake it and it got cancelled I know that wasn’t it. It did however make me think of the movie ,Millennium, with Kris Kristofferson where they were taking people from jet airliners before they went down in a crash and replaced the bodies so they could repopulate the future ’cause everybody was sterile or something like that. Great story, I love the intrigue.

    1. That’s what I was thinking 🙂 I love using the Speakeasy to start creating an idea I’ve had. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I shudder to think what they want from her. I fear she’ll have to make a terrible sacrifice to see her brother again. Rotten guys, taking advantage of the system. Interesting story and idea for the prompt. I really liked it!

  3. great story! very imaginative. It really makes me want to know what happens next. You so quickly created a whole world and characters I cared about. Great job with this. I hope you continue with it!

  4. Wow, what a cliffhanger! Please tell me more? What happens to Eric? What happens to Casey? Who are all these people and why didn’t they let her remain with Eric? I need to know! Great job with the prompt 😀

  5. That last line has made for some great cliff hangers! Your story is standing out to me though…I really want to know what happens next. I enjoyed your take on this prompt.


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