He watched the three brothers from the shadows as they walked home.  The two eldest boys ran around the youngest.  They always called him the ‘baby’, poking and prodding him until tears overflowed onto his cheeks.

“I hate being the baby,” the boy screamed as his brothers ran away laughing.

He smiled as he watched.  The boy had no idea the destiny that awaited him.  He would soon be the savior of their world, the one chosen to lead the war against the darkness.  His brothers would soon bow down to him.  He would never again be the baby.


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Word Count – 99

Baby (noun)

3. The youngest member of a family, team, etc.

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31 thoughts on “Savior

    1. Haha! I know 🙂 If I ever get in the mood to write a ton of books, I’ve got plenty of material to choose from!

      1. I have 🙂 I kind of wish I hadn’t though. Now, I’m anxious to start. I’m trying to bide my time with more research.

      2. Hahaha… only a couple weeks away, just put it aside and give me what happens next in this story!! 😉

        I haven’t started my layout yet… I may not do one. Just start typing and see what happens. That worked out okay for me last year… but, we’ll see. I think this year’s story is going to be harder to write and a layout might come in handy.

  1. Ooo, intriguing. Like Janna, I thought of Joseph as well. If you don’t mind a tiny bit of concrit, I’d say that I got a little confused by the pronouns – it took a couple of tries to parse out which “he” was which. Then again, this is often a problem in such short pieces, when we don’t have the wordspace to introduce characters properly…

  2. Like almost all people, everyone has their day, sooner or later. Being patient often brings about its’ own rewards, as “Baby” will, eventually, find out. Lots o’ story in those 99 words, dear!

  3. yeah I voted for you! I love a little cruelty and I love the name dancing wino a little more. It’s only under a sufficient amount of booze and sabbath I can see this story coming alive. But, when it does come alive…it shines! Splendid.

      1. No, no – you’re writing was spot-on, dear! I was just wondering if the watcher actually was the savior, gone back to his own past for whatever reason. Sorry for overthinking it.

      2. Haha! That’s an awesome theory! I love these shorties. Y’all take the story in so many different directions!! 🙂


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