Too Quiet

He stumbles into the bar, grateful to finally be home after a long night’s journey.

“Joe,” the bartender calls.  “You’ve made it home.  What shall it be?”

“A zombie, please.  Make it strong, Mike.”

His footsteps are heavy as he makes his way to an empty stool.

“How many did you get this time, Joe?”

“Only three.  It’s been quiet in the woods the past few weeks, Mike.  Too quiet.”

“Ah, come on Joe!  That’s a good thing.  We’ve been fighting these monsters for decades.  We always knew they’d eventually start to thin out or go into hiding.  Maybe now is that time?”

The look crossing Joe’s face shows he doesn’t agree, but Mike pretends not to notice.

“This is a time for celebration!  Perhaps we’re finally winning.  We damn well deserve it after everything we’ve lost.  Next zombie is on the house, Joe, for everything you’ve done.  You know you’re a hero to all of us.”

Despite his reservations on Mike’s theory, Joe can’t help but smile.  They have lost a lot.  It’s about time the tide turned in their favor.  Maybe Mike is right.  Maybe it’s time to relax and enjoy the quiet of the war he has fought for thirteen years.

The door of the bar bangs open behind him and three more hunters saunter into the noisy room.  Joe beams at his friends, grateful once again that they’ve made it back safely.  Before long, they are each six zombies deep, reveling in each other’s stories from the war.

The night passes in a blur and Joe soon realizes he needs to get home.  Another hunt will start tomorrow.  He tries to pay his bill, but Mike pushes the money away.

“Your money is no good here tonight.  Thanks for everything you do, Joe.”

Joe looks past Mike out the window with a smile, but his blood runs cold.

Outside, the vampires circle the bar, waiting for the perfect moment to strike the foolish hunters.

“Too quiet,” Joe woefully mumbles.


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Word Count – 333

ZOMBIE (noun)

3:  a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice

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17 thoughts on “Too Quiet

  1. Well, as long as no one invites them, they can all just sleep off their drinks in the bar and wait for day to clear out the vampires…
    I think I’d sit back down and order another one.

  2. Nice ending. It seemed too good to be true. I love the line “Before long, they are each six zombies deep”.


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