The doctors move down the hall, stopping at each window to peer inside.  Notes are furiously taken while whispers dance back and forth between them.

He sits in his room, waiting.  Like every morning since he’d first awoken in this place, he attempts to calculate how many days he’s been here but they all run together.  Has it been only days?  Weeks?

He has to get out of here.

Today is the day, he thinks to himself.

He’s been planning since he realized where he was.  Rumors had flown through his community of a facility abducting people like him.  Some were returned but they were always different, almost normal but not quite.  Some never came back at all.

He won’t let the doctors take his powers.  They’re all he has left.  The doctors don’t even know half of what he can do, and they can never find out.

He hears shuffling and whispers and know the doctors are getting close.  He assumes the position, standing with his back against the wall as the shackles come around his wrists and ankles.  

They won’t get away with this.

The door buzzes loudly as it opens and the doctors approach.  “This is Subject 8,” the doctor-in-charge bellows.  “We have had no luck in returning him to a normal state.  He is nothing more than an animal at this point.”

Strapped to the wall, he smiles slowly as he eyes the doctor.

I’ll show you an animal.

With one thrust, his arms and legs rip through the shackles.  He lunges through the door as the doctors scream and stare in horror.  He locks the door behind him, frantically searching for the lever he’d seen them discussing the day before.

There!  In the corner.

He looks through the window as the doctors eyes widen.  With one pull, fire erupts throughout the entire room, burning them all to ash.

With a thin smile playing on his lips, he races down the hall, anxious to free his brothers and sisters.


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Word Count – 333

Animal (noun)

3: a human being considered chiefly as physical or non-rational

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20 thoughts on “Breakout

  1. You know what I”m going to say, right?
    More! I want more! Please!! What happens next? Do they get out? Where do they go? What are the powers they have?
    In other words: good job. 🙂

  2. Ooh! Great story. I definitely want to know what happens next, what his powers are, who his “siblings” are… Nice tension and pacing.


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