Show Day

Just stay where I can see you.
Douse the lights!
We sure are in for a show tonight

It’s show day, her first in nine years.  Dress rehearsal is over and she sits alone in the auditorium.  The butterfly gymnastics have begun in her stomach.  What has she gotten herself into?

She bides the time with constant practice.  The somersaults throughout her stomach ebb & flow with how well each run-through goes.  Every mistake brings a wave a nausea.  Every blank in her memory becomes a waterfall of fear.  She imagines herself on stage, just a few hours from now, freezing in the spotlight.  She sees every possible bad outcome, every conceivable missed cue, every potential fall.

She berates herself until she’s positive she will fail.  Her nerves turn visceral and she gasps, flinging herself outside into the fresh air of the waning day.  The sun is dipping below the cityscape as she regains her composure.  She watches the scene unfold, suddenly unaware that the minutes are escaping her, that her time to be on stage is now upon her.

She walks into the venue and eases into the chaotic dressing room.  Girls and guys alike scurry around the minuscule room.  Clothes and costumes are thrown haphazardly through the air.  Makeup is applied in radical form while the smell of hairspray permeates the space.  She smiles, noticing her nerves have miraculously left for the moment.

The noise level outside the room rises, signaling the opening of the doors.  Drinks will be purchased while friends and family scramble to find the best seats in the house. She sneaks a peak through the curtain and sees him, highlighted below the bar lights.  A quick glance at her phone reveals a simple message.

Good luck! Nervous?

 Just stay where I can see you, she replies.

The five-minute warning is given and everyone shrieks with excitement.  With minutes to spare, champagne is popped and poured into shaking glasses.  Hours, days, and weeks of practice have finally arrived to this night, and they are beyond ready. With one final ‘Merde!’ yelled into the night and a last glance in the mirror, she takes the stage and waits.

Douse the lights!

The audience lets out a wail of excitement.  As one last somersault rips through her stomach, her nerves disappear for good.  The curtain slowly opens, revealing the crowd before her.

We sure are in for a show tonight…

*Song Lyrics: I Constantly Thank God for Esteban (Panic! at the Disco)


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20 thoughts on “Show Day

  1. My stomach was doing gymnastics too while reading! You communicated the tension extremely well. Performing on stage like that? Something I’m not sure I could do. Kudos!!!


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