Betrayal Breeds Revenge

She sits in her car, staring at the one place she wishes she didn’t have to go.  Over a single weekend, her whole life has changed.  She can feel the glares of the students as they walk towards the school.  She thinks of ditching but it will only make matters worse.

What hurts the most is that she still cares for him, even after everything he has done.  By now, the picture has made its way through the entire school.  She wouldn’t be surprised if some of the teachers had seen it.  She had trusted him entirely and he had just shoved it right back in her face.

She takes a deep breath, it catching in her chest with a fiery pain.  She looks down, expecting to see the brand across her chest.  Slut.

“I can do this,” she whispers to the empty space around her.

She gets out of the car and moves towards the school.  She keeps her head down, avoiding the stares at all costs.  The whispers enter her mind, bringing tears to her eyes.

I can’t believe she showed up. 

I’d never show my face again if it were me. 

Her life is so over. 

She shoves her way through the front entrance and runs to the nearest bathroom, barely making it before the sobs explode from inside her.  All the thoughts she had been trying to suppress over the past two days come bleeding out of her.




A scream boils up her throat but she pushes it down along with the menacing suicidal thoughts that have plagued her since it happened.


They won’t win.

As she makes her way out of the bathroom, she holds her head high, willing to face the masses.  When she opens her locker, a waterfall of paper comes crashing upon her.  She picks up a piece from the floor but she already knows.

Instead of crying, she walks on to class.


I won’t pay for this.

They will.


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Word Count – 333

BRAND (noun)
a mark made by burning with a hot iron to attest manufacture or quality or to designate ownership;
a printed mark made for similar purposes : trademark;
a mark put on criminals with a hot iron;
a mark of disgrace : stigma <the brand of poverty>

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46 thoughts on “Betrayal Breeds Revenge

  1. I really loved it… But it has me confused. I want to hear more, but I’ve always been a fan of abrupt endings. Well either way, this is brilliant 😀

  2. Oh that is really interesting. You carved her emotions so well in her words. But you kept it all hidden; only giving a glimpse or two in a while throughout the tale. I liked the use of word brand and I guess it is a perfect ending.

  3. You have captured the characters emotions perfectly. I feel the full scope as she chooses how to deal with her circumstances. I’m especially happy that she is strong enough to fight the negative and move on to a strong choice. Love this story. A lot.

  4. Very well done!
    I’m a fan of stories that end without really ending, allowing the reader to sort of create their own, or leave lingering questions.
    This very much reminds me of a recent news story about a young woman who committed suicide after intense bullying following an unfortunate incident. Very powerful piece.
    -Alicia Audrey

    1. Thanks! I enjoy those endings as well. Unfortunately, that story is far too common nowadays! Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  5. The way her internal monologue enters the story like dialogue from other characters was a cool touch – and the kind of modern, high school nod to the Scarlet Letter. Nice one

  6. Nice work in voicing her thoughts, and conveying how cruel kids can be. Happens too often, both the trust of sending the photo and the judgment. Good one.

  7. Very cool. I like this character already from just that short excerpt. Don’t really have a critique. Just want to know why, how and what next! That’s really cool.


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