Her Last Dance

She floats along the sidewalk, recalling each step with ease and grace.  They had told her last night was the end, but they were wrong.  The streets were now her stage.  They couldn’t take that away from her.

She had always known that time was her enemy, but had hoped it wouldn’t strike so soon.  A young beauty would be coming in to take her place, oblivious that the same fate awaited her.

She soon arrived to the place that had always given her peace and peered over the edge into the water.  With one last leap, she completed her last dance.


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Word Count – 102

Copyright - Renee Heath
Copyright – Renee Heath

32 thoughts on “Her Last Dance

    1. GAH! Do I have to explain everything to you? If that’s how you interpret it, then yes, she jumped into a puddle 🙂

      1. The picture was only the inspiration. The rest of the story takes place outside of the picture.

        Apparently, I can’t write happy stories. 🙂

    1. The blog name? I wrote a snippet about it in the about me page but I had quickly chosen the first name, not knowing I would actually keep up with this. I wanted something that fit me better 🙂

  1. What’s an “About” page? 😉 Just kidding.
    Great piece… DOAT and his puddle comments were hilarious! And happy pieces are overrated.
    This line caught my eye: “oblivious that the same fate awaited her” – my initial reaction was – no, she knows too, but it won’t stop her just as it didn’t stop the one who has reached her end. Sometimes we just pretend not to know what waits for us, because we don’t want it to take the shine off what we are doing, and because we are going to do it anyways.

    1. Yeah Don! Happy is overrated!! 🙂

      PS – Thanks for always being an awesome commenter! I’m working on that!

      1. I’m trying to get better at commenting too… There are just too many good bloggers out there! Need to tell you all to knock it off!

  2. I like this story because for me it rings so true of life, well mine at least, in that we all have a limited time to do things as time eventually takes over and we either retire gracefully – no slight on your dancer here- or get retired or we die. In many ways its all a bit grim. Your story works for me on more than one level. Well done Arden

  3. Dear Ardenrr,

    I enjoyed this well written piece and almost cried at the end. Soft, subtle and true. Time, like an ever flowing river, bears all it’s dancers home.



  4. Dear Arden,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. You’ve entered the scene with a well-written and poignant piece. The entertainment world is known to be fickle and cruel, something you’ve captured well.



    1. Thank you! I enjoyed this challenge and have been wanting to dive into fiction a little more. I’ll definitely be returning!

    1. Haha perhaps bad career planning but dancers don’t dance because they can, they dance because they have to.


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