Deadly Deliberations

Day 46 – Closing Arguments

They were all exhausted.  None of them had ever imagined it would take this long. They had been sequestered, stripped away from family and friends, due to the media circus surrounding the trial.

She watched as he was led into the courtroom.  His piercing blue eyes landed on each of them as he took his seat.  There was something about him that she couldn’t get out of her mind.  The clean-cut, well spoken man was accused of unspeakable crimes but the case was no slam dunk for the prosecution.  Some had called his argument weak, at best.

Each attorney stood as they finished their extravagant courtroom dance.  She stole a glance at him and was taken aback that he was staring directly at her.  She held his gaze as he gave her a wink.  She blushed, turning away.

The jury was given their instructions.  She quickly glanced at him one more time before heading back to deliberation.

*     *     *

The jury filed into the courtroom.  A hundred eyes turned to them, attempting to decipher what their blank stares could mean.  Guilty?  Not-guilty?

The verdict was read.  A mix of cheers and screams of anguish filled the room.  She lifted her head and looked directly at him.  He smiled at her before turning to shake the hands of his supporters.

*     *     *

Life quickly returned to the normal she had known before the trial.  Work resumed.  Errands were run.  The phone had finally stopped ringing off the hook.  The media circus had moved on to its next target.  She was slowly beginning to forget about his eyes, the way they seemed to penetrate her soul.

That night, she climbed into bed, suddenly happy that her life was hers once again.

  *     *     *

It was 3am when she suddenly woke.  Fear gripped her heart.  She felt him there and knew at once she had made a terrible mistake.  When she slowly turned to face the window, the last thing she saw was those piercing blue eyes.


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Word Count: 333

WEAK (adjective)

1: lacking strength

2: mentally or intellectually deficient

3: not factually grounded or logically presented

35 thoughts on “Deadly Deliberations

    1. Haha! Thanks 🙂

      PS — I started doing my award posts at the end of the month. I don’t want you to think I’m dissing your award and not participating! Haha

      1. Sometimes that’s just what we have to do. 😉


        I pulled up the Yeah Write challenge for this week (#121) (I didn’t have time to look at it last week before the submission deadline), and I’m completely lost! I understand the word count limitations… but what am I supposed to write about? Help!!! You can email me at if you want to take the convo out of your comments section.

  1. Like Janna, I immediately thought of Ted Bundy. I’m just grateful that it’s not quite time for bed, because I’m pretty sure sleep would be along time coming after reading this. Yikes!


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