Two Sides of Survival

It was a miracle they had lasted this long.  The group of survivors had been holed up in an old hotel for weeks but knew their time was limited.  The surrounding area was lacking in supplies.  Many of them hadn’t eaten in days and water was scarce.  They had been debating on the best time to leave, most of them siding with the cover of darkness.  He sat with his back to the wall, keeping watch as the others tried to sleep. His eyes told him he was exhausted by slowly closing until he nodded off.

He awoke to screams and knew immediately that he had failed everyone.  The infected ones came in every entrance, leaving his friends and family with no avenue for escape.  He tried to fight them off but knew his attempts were futile.  After months of fending them off, the infected were finally going to beat them.

He felt a flash of pain go through his body as an infected pounced on his back.  He fell to the ground, screaming in agony.  He looked around long enough to see his friends and family being ripped to shreds and a single tear fell from his eye.  His eyes landed on a young girl.  He’d never seen an infected so young.  She was the last thing he saw as his arm was ripped from his body and handed over to the little girl.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

It roamed the streets along with the others, forever searching for the one thing it needed to survive – food.  The animals were fast, cunning creatures while the uninfected remained slow and stupid, always letting their guard down at a most inopportune time.  They were becoming fewer and fewer as the days passed by and food was growing scarce.  It hadn’t eaten for days and its body showed the signs of decay.  It wouldn’t be long before it couldn’t even stand, let alone hunt.

The pack entered the building, smelling the air for any sign of the uninfected.  They quickly realized there was food nearby and moved forward, hoping to catch them off guard.  They split up, planning to corner them on all sides.  It smelled like ten, possibly twenty of them, in one area.  A feast like that would sustain the pack for weeks.

They moved in and entered the room together.  The screams began immediately.  It loved the moment when they screamed.  It pounced on an uninfected male, shredding his throat as it eagerly fed.  It heard a whimper and looked up to find a young infected staring down at the quickly disappearing meal.  It smiled, ripping the left arm off with ease and handed it to the young one while it continued with its feast.


Love any excuse to incorporate zombies!

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11 thoughts on “Two Sides of Survival

  1. Maybe you can answer some zombie questions … Why don’t zombies ever have poop all over them? They don’t seem like care much about personal hygiene and they’re always eating … Also, why don’t zombies eat other zombies? These are the questions that keep me awake at night.

    1. Those are great questions! I wonder if they don’t poop? Kind of like vampires don’t eat. OR there is poop all over them and our minds just think dirt. I’ll never watch the Walking Dead in the same way. I think it depends on the type of zombie on whether they will resort to cannibalism. The zombies in my head are ‘infected’ but need healthy flesh to survive.

      I’ve thought about this way too much!

      1. I like your zombie perspective. 🙂

        Speaking of Walking Dead, I heard they’re going to have a baby zombie this year. Uh oh. Whenever shows add babies, jumping the shark isn’t far behind.

  2. Both sides! IIIII like it! A very cool spin on “lend an arm.” I’ve never seen thinking zombies before, so that was a thought-provoking twist.


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