The Lone Soldier

They had been pushed even farther back into their own territory, fighting with the last bit of energy each man could muster.  If the battle continued this way, it could only mean defeat.  They were outnumbered five to one and the look on every man’s face told the same story.

It was over.

They were all replacements, newbies to the front line who had been thrust into the worst battle yet of the war.  They were no longer proud and excited to serve.  They were scared, alone, and freezing to death.

One of the grunts looked around and knew something had to be done.  The fight had left his fellow soldiers hours ago, knowing that death surrounded them and could come at any moment for the rest.  He gathered his soldiers around him, urging them with every ounce of strength he had to fight on.  They must band together if they mean to survive.  He looked in each of their eyes, said a silent prayer, and turned around.

They ran forward as one as the bullets came flying through the air.  They collided with their foe, fighting them back to their own line.  Blood spilled onto the ground as they fought for their lives as well as their freedom.  The grunt who led the onslaught fended off his last enemy soldier and stood up, knowing they had somehow grappled victory from their enemy’s hands.

He turned around, smiling, ready to celebrate with his comrades.  When he turned, he saw no one.  His fellow soldiers surrounded him, all fallen.  He fell to the ground, screaming at no one.  He couldn’t leave them but he knew he had to in order to survive.  More enemy soldiers would be on the way.  He looked around him, fear taking over once again as fog rolled over the countryside.  He stood up warily and crossed over the field, forever on the lookout for the shooter that could end his journey.

He found the road and walked along, alone.

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Word Count: 333

BAND (verb)

1: to affix a band to or tie up with a band

2: to finish or decorate with a band

3: to gather together : unite <banded themselves together for protection>

16 thoughts on “The Lone Soldier

    1. Hey! I tweeted you an ecard out of the goodness of my heart!

      I just need some funny shit to happen to me! Don’t worry, Saturday is ALWAYS reserved for cats 🙂

      1. Geez, you have Alicia in the same office don’t you? Following her around all day has to be nearly as good for material as spending the day in a Walmart, right?

      2. Maybe I can push her down the stairs or something? That could make for a good post!

    1. Thank you! I love finding pictures and basing stories around them. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  1. Welcome to Trifecta! Some nice imagery in your work. Look forward to reading your stories over the coming weeks and months.

  2. It is not always easy to be a survivor. The burden of having lived when so many died is often too great for the survivor to bear. I doubt that your soldier felt grateful to be alive. More than likely, he felt guilty. Thank you for linking up this week and sharing your good work with us. 🙂

  3. I think that this kind of story resonates with all of us, when I finally got pregnant after years of infertility I felt like that soldier.. That on order to survive, in order to go on.. I needed to accept my luck, my fate, my babies and not feel the survivor guilt.

    Almost 9 yrs later and twin 5yr Olds I still have trouble with it.

    This was beautifully written, charged with his will and fight. Thank you for linking up.


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