A Place to Call Home

I came to my new home only a few weeks ago; only it doesn’t feel like a home.  Though, what do I know?  I’ve never really had one.  The humans are nice enough.  They feed me and take me on walks.  Unfortunately, there are so many others like me here so I don’t get very much attention.

Then, at the end of the day, the humans go away and we’re all alone.  The others like me are so loud and I just want a quiet place to sleep.  Eventually, the humans come back the next day and we start the process all over again.

Some of the others like me get taken away and never come back.  They’re the lucky ones.  It happened to me once but I got scared when the human left and did something she didn’t like.  She brought me back to this place and I haven’t seen her since.  I just needed some time to adjust.  I guess she didn’t understand.

I’ve heard a few humans say they don’t like me because of what I am.  They talk about ‘dog fighting’ and ‘aggression’, whatever that means.  One time, someone even called me dangerous!  They obviously don’t know me.  Given the opportunity, I would just like to curl up in your lap for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to hurt anyone.  I even like other dogs!  However, I don’t like cats, but really, who does?!

No, I’m not dangerous at all.  I just wish someone would give me a chance so I could prove it to them.  I’m getting older with each passing day (I’m almost 2 years old!) and there is a rumor going around here that people don’t take home the older dogs.  I hope it isn’t true.  I may not be a cute, little puppy but I can make up for it in other ways!  For instance, I’m already house trained so no accidents!  That has to be a huge plus, I’m sure.  I’m also great at giving sloppy kisses and I love going on long walks so I’ll help you keep that New Year’s resolution!

Someday, someone will see that I’m good and not ‘dangerous’, right?  The humans here have been nothing but good to me but I’m ready to have a real home; a place where I can be with a family who loves me and who I can love in return.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  Do you?  It’s all I’ve ever really wanted in my short two years on this earth.  Can you give me that home?  Do you know someone who can?

You know where to find me …



Find Me a Home!!!


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28 thoughts on “A Place to Call Home

    1. We have two rescues too but my other half shot down the third dog idea … trying to find this girl a home! Thanks for reading!

    1. Right? I always say that I may not get a rescue next time in case I want a particular breed but I know it’ll never happen … mutts are the best 🙂

      1. Mutts are the best. My current dog is probably seven different breeds.

        And they have breed specific rescues, too, for dogs that aren’t perfect enough.

    1. FIVE!!! I need to tell Matt that … He vetoed the third dog which I do understand but she’s just so dang cute and sweet!

      1. Five is the limit. Well, we thought 3 was, but we’ve managed space for 2 more darlings. Unfortunately in Brazil strays are a terrible problem so even though we don’t have any more space we get them off the street, into the vets, recoup time, whatever operations are needed, then its the adoption game. Heartbreaking that there are just so many…

      2. I know — This sweet gal is at a local no-kill shelter so that at least keeps me from adopting her immediately!

      3. Do they do foster care? Have her over for a weekend…. I’m sure she’ll do whatever is needed to twist your Matt’s arm 😉

    1. I like things with cats on them but I can’t stand actual cats because they are the spawn of Satan. Alicia calls me a fake crazy cat lady.

      1. I do like Grumpy Cat though. I made Grumpy Cat and Tommy Lee Jones my unofficial mascots a while back. Unofficial because they haven’t paid me enough to be official.

  1. Awww … I LOVE this. When we get back from Taiwan, I want to buy a ranch or a farm or a big chunk of land and adopt a bunch of animals. A Dalmatian plantation … but probably without so many Dalmatians. Adopting is ALWAYS the right choice. xoxox

    1. That used to be a dream of mine to open a rescue. I doubt it will happen. Maybe when I retire!

  2. Oh this is so well written and moving. I’m sitting with my three pugs reading this, typing with one hand and rubbing Lefty’s belly with the other. I hope all dogs find loving homes. No dog deserves to beforgotren. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Thank you so much — It’s so hard not to go pick her up myself but three dogs in a small apartment just would not work for us!!

  3. My pets (birds , dogs, iguana) have all been rescues. My current guy was 10 when I took him. He was headed for the big sleep. He has been fabulous. I wonder who rescued who? TOday is a day in the life of skip on my blog… Hes a cutie if you get a chance. only thing is hes a bit ornery and doesnt seem to do well with other animals who were not here first.

    1. Haha — I will definitely check it out. I have two rescues myself and they have been utterly amazing to have 🙂

    1. Hah! I have to keep repeating to myself: You can’t have a 3rd dog .. You can’t have a 3rd dog ..

    1. Oh sorry! I did not mean for anyone to shed tears 🙂 Just trying to find this sweet girl a home. I’d love to take her but we already have two rescues!


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